Sunday, March 20, 2016

MTK6535 FRP Lock Remove Done Without Flash & Update

 MTK6535 FRP Lock Remove Done Without Flash & Update
MT65xx Frp Lock remove and Tasted Methood
MT65xx Frp Lock remove Solution
Problem FRP Google account to devices MTK solution after flashing or formic process 

In the name of God the Merciful 
Praise be to God, prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah bless him and

my brothers senior to you: to 

resolve the problem of Google FRP account for devices MTK after flashing or formic process 

looked very much I did not find an easy solution and content to this problemissue is not in any forum Arabic or foreign 

Theme personal effort has 

been the experience on the device Qmobile L5401 MT6735 

factor by android 5.1 

operation succeeds Ali MTK phones without formate or without loss of data , 

but it is better to withdraw the full USB stick to crack Thread gift from me to professors who learned them many things 

Stadium Abdullah Abaqrano stadium Ahmed olive 

stadium Said Khairallah stadium Rabi gsm steps: 

no need for flashing the phone or formate full Flash program and then flashing a full Bvlach and the problem of the network and Albespand 1 Open Miracle Box program or crack effectively Buckeyes Almirakal of Thread crack Merkel Box 2.27a and resolve not to show the Start button 2 Do Bakp device 3 mtk chose theformat box 4 type bot No. 8 5 Shell tick from safe mode and selection of auto and advanced 6 Please click on the start Connect Phone 7 here gives you three orders 1 = Frp means scanning your Google account lock the device , and No. 2 and 3 if you want to a comprehensive formate device or security code 8 press the button ok to begin the process of automatically formic 9 Remove the battery from the phone and connected again Turn on the phone Congratulations to you device without Google FRP account code 10 if the device is hung on the opening Make formate manually