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Qualcomm chip flasher driver and instration QMOBILE +LENOVO PHONE

( FIRST METHODS ) Installing the firmware using MI-Flash

Disable driver signature enforcement:
Install 7-Zip.exe, then extract & install drivers Qualcomm_Usb_Driver.7z, then decompress Stock rom (ROW Firmware ) using 7-Zip.exe to the root of any drive.
Install Miflash_140509.exe and run .
Star Flashing using MI-Flash :
– turn off phone
– hit VOL + and plug USB cable (phone will vibrate once)
– in Device Manager (Control Panel) should shows : Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008
– run Miflash, you should see appropriate COM port
– browse folder with downloaded firmware
– click ‘flash’ and wait
– disconnect USB cable, hit POWER key for about 10s (phone will vibrate)
– phone will restart and load new system. It takes some time – and if it hangs, please hit POWER again for 10s, it will reboot again and it should proceed.

( SECOND METHODS ) Installing the firmware using QPST / Qfill

EInstall 7-Zip.exe, then extract & install drivers Qualcomm_Usb_Driver.7z, then decompress Stock rom (ROW Firmware ) using 7-Zip.exe to the root of any drive
Check whether to install the necessary drivers.Open the Device Manager on your PC, then turn off the device (smartphone or tablet) and take out the USB-cable from the device (if it was connected).
Then we press the Volume Up key (Volume Up) and holding it connect USB-cable which is already connected to the USB 2.0 port of your PC – in the Device Manager device should appear Qualcomm Lenovo HS-USB QDLoader 9008
Run the utility QFIL (Start> All Programs> QPST> QFIL).
In the window QFIL fill in the following fields :In the Programmer patch specify the path to the file prog_emmc_firehose_89XX.mbn (in my case prog_emmc_firehose_8916.mbn), for this click on Knop «Browse», in the window that opens, specify the path to the folder with the firmware (in my case ROW_S121), then select the file prog_emmc_firehose_89XX. mbn and click “Open.”
Then click on the digging «Load XML …», in the window that opens, select one by one – first rawprogram0.xml and click “Open” and then patch0.xml and also click “Open.”
Make sure that the program QFIL sees the device as Qualcomm Lenovo HS-USB QDLoader 9008.4. Click on the button «Download» and wait for the end of the process.The device should restart the process of filling in the successful firmware and boot into Android OS.
( THIRD METHOD )Installing the firmware using Lenovo Downloaders.

Installing the USB driver
Download and unzip LenovoA6000_USB_driver.7z , Run as administrator and all items are selected by default, click Next everywhere

for lenovo org flash tool 
To install the device in 9091 mode, I recommend to start the process of firmware A6000 turn off, holding down the Volume up, turn the power button A6000, after vibro release the power button, and then after a couple of seconds, releasing the volume – set the device to PC mode 9091.
Firmware smartphone through Downloader_Lenovo_V1.0.2
Download and extract to a folder without spaces and letters Downloader_Lenovo_V1.0.2.7z (he and the driver came with firmware). Run as administrator flasher.3. Preferences change is not necessary, they are permanent :
Select the folder in which you unzipped the firmware :
Press the start button of the firmware :
The flash will take 6-7 minutes, the end of the program will tell you :
Turn off your smartphone, after the first start by entering the region code after changing the region recommend to immediately wipe do and use your smartphone! PS And a few wishes and parting words :

>>>>> If you do not have the strength to even install the drivers for the chips Qualcomm, the likelihood of a successful process of pouring firmware drops to 3%.

>>>>> I advise you to make a fill flash with a PC that is running Windows 7 (in Windows 8.1, but the likelihood of a successful process of pouring firmware reduced to 30%).

>>>>> The whole process of the firmware with this method is safe, but only in the right hands!

>>>> Good luck to all <<<<<
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