Thursday, February 4, 2016

iPhone 6s MT6572 Clone Firmware Download iPhone 6s MT6572 Clone Firmware Flash File Download

iPhone 6s MT6572 Clone Firmware Download.iPhone 6s MT6572 Clone Firmware Flash File Download.iPhone 6s MT6572 Clone Firmware Scatter File Download.iPhone 6s MT6572 Official Scatter Firmware Download.How To Flash Update iPhone 6s Clone MT6572 Firmware Download

CPU: MT6572 SW:0000 Ver: CA01
  Downloading Boot8 ...
  EMMC Size: 0x00E7000000
  Flash Type: EMMC
  INT/EXT RAM  Size: 0x0+0x0
  Reading infr(EMMC)...
  PRELOADER  BaseAddr:0x0  Size:0x600000
  MBR  BaseAddr:0x600000  Size:0x80000
  EBR1  BaseAddr:0x680000  Size:0x80000
  PRO_INFO  BaseAddr:0x700000  Size:0x300000
  NVRAM  BaseAddr:0xA00000  Size:0x500000
  PROTECT_F  BaseAddr:0xF00000  Size:0xA00000
  PROTECT_S  BaseAddr:0x1900000  Size:0xA00000
  SECCFG  BaseAddr:0x2300000  Size:0x20000
  UBOOT  BaseAddr:0x2320000  Size:0x60000
  BOOTIMG  BaseAddr:0x2380000  Size:0x600000
  RECOVERY  BaseAddr:0x2980000  Size:0x600000
  SEC_RO  BaseAddr:0x2F80000  Size:0x40000
  MISC  BaseAddr:0x2FC0000  Size:0x80000
  LOGO  BaseAddr:0x3040000  Size:0x300000
  EXPDB  BaseAddr:0x3340000  Size:0xA00000
  ANDROID  BaseAddr:0x3D40000  Size:0x33400000
  CACHE  BaseAddr:0x37140000  Size:0x17800000
  USRDATA  BaseAddr:0x4E940000  Size:0x32000000
  FAT  BaseAddr:0x80940000  Size:0x657C0000
  BMTPOOL  BaseAddr:0xFFFF0000  Size:0x0

Firmware Download Link.

RAR Password.

 You Must read user :
This tutorial tasted by me Without any error & no risk but remember here some impotent question for successfully done with this tutorial. Must be working debice sub socket. Mest be use working micro usb Mast be Phone Battery Charge now 70%. Mast be Working Volume Up & Volume Down KeyFor boot device. Mast be working your Computer or Laptop usb Pot.Socket. this tutorial you can use without any box it.s simple

Requuread FOT :
iPhone 6S MT6572 device with good charged battery for 70%
iPhone 6S MT6572 Clone Tasted Firmware File
Oroginal Micro Usb Cable

Procedure :
Download iPhone 6S MT6572 Clone Firmware
RAR Extract it to Desktop or as you like
Open Sp_Flash_Tool_exe_Windows_V5.1520.00 folder and choose flash_tools
Click & Choice on Scatter-loading Opsion To and Choice MT6572_Android_scatter.txt File
you like choice now Can u [ Download vs Firmware Update vs Formate+Download ] you Choice now
Press and Click now Start button
Press and hold now Volume Up or try now Volume Down Button and connect insert Usb cable
Wait You ara done